As a coaching instructor, I work with a lot of coaches and had the privilege to have Sandy in one of my classes. Sandy is a solid coach. She helps her clients gain clarity, listens, and digs deeper to help individuals find their personal motivation. Sandy helped me with a block I was experiencing. Her technique was to powerful that I was able to take moves that I had been thinking about for a year. I highly recommend Sandy. You will be in good hands.


April 2018
Sandy is an amazing, insight and patient person. Just by listening she has helped me to focus and bring balance back to my busy life.

Alexis Culotta

February 2018
Sandy is great at working WITH you to discover your goals and push past your obsticles so that you can achieve success in any area of your life! She helped me personally by helping me see different perspectives and different ways to reach and exceed my goals! Working with Sandy has been a wonderful, truly life-changing experience that I would highly recommend to anyone!


January 2018
I would like to take time to express my sincere appreciation for the coaching sessions we have had. Your awareness and practical approach provided me with a comforting feeling. My anxiety level is normally pretty exhausting when I have been in coaching however, you have a knack for disarming feelings of judgement I have had before. What I gained was perspective. I began to see a vision for myself within a space of growth and not dread. What I believe is that best part of my life and journey is found in the process of becoming. You helped to solidify that foundational platform which gives me confidence about leaning into my goals with hope and confidence. Thanks for your time and I look forward to our next conversation.

Bevelyn Hunter

Keller Williams Realty Parishwide Partners, LLC January 2018